The different workshops are given separately in the form of modules.

We designed the modules specially for you as mindfulness instructor, coach, stress pedagog, health coach, therapist, yoga and meditation instructor - working with awareness and guiding others.

They are supporting developing a more profound, authentic, deeper, more traumasensative, and non excausting way of working and being.

To find balance in our nervous system, you will explore different tools such as meditations, embodiment techniques and exercises. It supports you to be in touch with your body as well as to go deeper into the inner intelligence.

From the platform of being connected with the Whole, we allow the intelligence of the body/system/being to work with us and develop naturally.

Often there is space for you to get personal invitations to investigate and go deeper.

At last, we like to emphasize that while you are experiencing many new things, you will also learn about the new neuroscience this work is based on. This includes all the powerful keyes of change connected to the way we relate to the nervoussystem and the connection to Wholeness.