Allow the intelligence of your own embodied consciousness to work.


Neuro Integrative Embodiment

Neuro Integrative Embodiment is a process of reconnecting
with our inborn intelligence - the mystery we all are
and of which we can become aware.

This inborn wisdom knows how to grow
from a seed to a fully developed baby, and beyond
to its full potential as a human being.

The intelligence is present in our bodies but is not of the body. 
It works in every living being: grass too grows by itself.

To become aware of it, we allow this intelligence to work in and with us.
To understand what it is all about, we need a direct experience.


The interest and development of embodiment lately have grown enormously, reflected in many areas such as psychology, sociology, bodywork, and more recently in neuroscience.

Neuro Integrative Embodiment is a method that supports experiencing the embodiment of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It reconnects you with your resources, different qualities, and feelings of well-being.

It does not only show you your inner states and experiences - it also works with sensing these states neurologically – so they can become more integrated and a part of your daily life and experience.

In addition, NIE supports the journey beyond identifications and beliefs about who we thought we were. It, therefore, distinguishes itself from other methods by working towards the experience of the innate intelligence. This Presence within - which we can, in a sense, tangibly perceive.

A process that gradually reveals what we cannot learn from books or anyone else, nor by following rules or strategies. It becomes your intrinsic knowing and truth, your own direct experience.




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Testimonials and sharings

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A session is a beautiful unfoldment of your own being - here and now. The technique works as an inquiry session, working in deeper levels of ourselves, bringing up to the surface whatever is there, into the body, in the very moment. It is like an open window, where you can watch, recognize, accept and then receive the shift in consciousness in your nervous system. I was deeply touched during the sessions, and it was like a flowing river running. as the sessions were unfolding, everything was dissolving in the most beautiful and clear way. Thank you!

Yogita Massagetherapist and educator at Art of Touch
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A very powerful and insightful experience. I was surprised how this technique works in such a gentle but direct way. Through out the session I merely listened to the therapist and allowed my awareness to follow the instructions, guiding me deeper and deeper, like a spiral going inwards, until I reached what I would call “the root” of what was happening at that moment in my experience. I left the session feeling grateful and relaxed, with a more clear understanding of myself and my life. If you feel ready to find the answers within yourself this is a great support tool. I totally recommend it!

Giri M. Carlos Project manager, Web designer
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This method is a very effective way to know myself better, to understand what my body is revealing to me. It's always very surprising to experience its inner wisdom that guides me through the deepest layers of myself, bringing hidden parts (traumas) to a conscious level, showing them to my mind and understanding, and giving me the chance to choose to heal myself.

Asmita Basilico
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It was a very wonderful experience. A soft and empathetic journey through myself. Santoshi guided me in an open and easy way, without guiding. It was a journey without a map, without a goal, without a rudder, just me and Santoshi's soft invitation , which took me to the bigger. A wonderfully easy and effective way to go from the dense, tense, firm to the open, light and free. I really recommend others to try this!



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Here you can find more about Embodied Being, Neuro Integrative Embodiment Method, what inspires us, resources and much more…

Meet the Team

We Love What We Do


    Santoshi Annika Pörner

    Developer of Neuro Integrational Embodiment, SE-practitioner, Mindfulness MBSR Practitioner, Professional Coach and Lic.Teacher. She supports the unfolding of the innate wisdom in individuals and groups, giving workshops, trainings and classes internationally.


    Jasmin Giulia Kuzminac

    Freelance midwife, Arvigo ® Practitioner. She accompanies women on a path of recovery of inner wisdom, to happily live their feminine, pregnancy and childbirth. Using movement and body exploration to work on a good birth experience.


    Venu Annalisa Angelini

    Professional Coach, Counseling Psychologist, Trainer and Mentor. She allows deep transformational processes with individuals, groups and organizations, leading sessions and workshops internationally.


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